Mom Serving Dish to Family

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Category: Occasions Love People Keywords: mother father mom mum. mama dad husband family meal time daughter kid child children dinner time eat eating together serve serving dish meal Description: Mom ( mother, mama, or mum ) holding a bowl of rice, food, or one dish meal. She is in the act of serving and putting it on the dining table. Her family ( husband or spouse and daughter or child ) is happily seated and looking at her. She has pink mittens or kitchen gloves because the viand is freshly cooked hot with smoke coming out. She has black hair and fair skinned. She is wearing a yellow blouse with red apron. Dad ( husband, hubby, father or papa ) also has black hair and is fair skinned too. He is wearing a green shirt and smiling. Daughter ( child, children, kid, kids ) is wearing a pink shirt. She is holding utensils ( spoon and fork ) on her left hand and a plate on her right hand. She is giving the plate to her mom as if asking for a portion of the food prepared. Family meal time eating together